Capture the essence, purity and exquisite perfection of new life

Do you have photographs of your family on your wall?  Photos help kids feel loved, cherished and a valued part of the family. 

Displaying photos at home, where your kids can see them easily, makes a public statement that you are proud of them and gives them a sense of reassurance and comfort.

I am an award winning portrait photographer, specialising in photographing newborn babies, older babies, expectant mums, children and families.

If you love classic, stylish and exquisitely printed photographic art, I'm your girl!  I believe passionately that photographs deserve to be on display, so you won't find any digital-only packages here.

My studio is located in Otautahi Christchurch, NZ and I would love to help you get some fabulous photos of your family on the wall.

Self portrait of Kirsten the newborn baby and family photographer behind the camera at Kirsten Naomi Photography

I'm mum to two energetic boys under six, so I know it's impossible finding time for newborn and family portraits; let alone doing anything with your images when they arrive (yes, I also have USBs full of images sitting unseen in my office drawer).


Let me do the heavy lifting for you. All of my collections include printed images as well as digitals. I will help you design the perfect wall collection or album and will take care of everything else. 

I also know you don't want to get in front of the camera, it's not my favourite thing either, but it's so important to 'exist' in family photographs. Your kids will cherish these images and one day they may be the most important portraits they own. I'm an expert in shaping with great lighting and posing; I will look after you and ensure you look your best.


You will receive a collection of images that you love and, most importantly, you and your family will have fun during the session and make new memories together. 

My name is Kirsten..... 



I am passionate about creating beautiful images of you and your family that you will love


No one likes walking into an unknown situation - so make life easier and check out a newborn session in action

You will get to look around my studio and see how we wrap, soothe and photograph newborn baby Arthur, while using props and my newborn posing bean bag

Spot how Lynley stays close to Arthur at all times, ensuring he is safe and comfortable, so you can sit back and relax (more than one Mum has taken a nap!) and enjoy watching us work 

awards winner-1.jpg

Placing a family photo where a child can see it every day, without having to turn on a device, gives the child a sense of reassurance and comfort.


Photographs have a certainty about them and a protecting quality that nurtures a child. It lets them know that they are loved and cared for.

David Krauss, Psychologist

(Ohio, USA)

Wall Art to suit your style + home

I love creating beautiful wall art that you are proud to display in your home

During your viewing and design appointment I will help you curate your collection and choose a way to display your images that suits your personal taste and home


I am a Qualified Newborn Photographer with the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI)


The accreditation process includes submitting a newborn portfolio for critique + achieving 100% in an exam on the safe handling of newborns 

I am also an Accredited Professional Photographer with the New Zealand Institute for Professional Photographers  (NZIPP)

NZIPP Accredited Logo 2  black.png

This accreditation process includes submitting a portfolio for critique by recognised NZ industry leaders, meeting technical, creative and business standards, adhering to the Code of Ethics + regular professional development


classic maternitu SM 1000px-8.jpg

Classic Maternity

I’ll treasure these photos forever, if you can make me feel comfortable in front of the camera you can make anyone!


Bonnie (Grandmother)
Classic Newborn

What a very special hour that was! Beautiful photo from a wonderful photographer - love your obvious care and outstanding result!

Copy of Newborn 19.11.jpg

Classic Newborn

Kirsten was patient, caring, attentive, reassuring and completely at ease with our newborn

Fresh 48-5.jpg

First 48

I was nervous about being photographed so soon after birth, but it was lots of fun and Kirsten captured some amazing first interactions


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I volunteer for a charity that provides photographic services to families experiencing loss. If you would like to help, you can learn more here.