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Stunning portraits to celebrate your new baby


We love classic images that capture the essence, purity and exquisite perfection of new life

Packages start from $1,250

What Clients Say

From the moment we walked into her studio we felt at ease which is a god-send as sleep deprived new parents. She made us feel so comfortable in handing over Hudson for them to take care of. We sat back and relaxed and watched Kirsten create magic, she not only takes care of us as the parents but the baby as well, even changing nappies. The studio was warm and has a lovely vibe about it. If you are not comfortable in front of a camera then she makes you feel it and the photos are absolutely incredible and exceeded all expectations

Lauren, Newborn Session, Nov 2022

NB BANNER 1800-2.jpg

The first few weeks will pass in a blur and you will be amazed how easily you forget things you expected to remember forever

I typically photograph newborn babies between 5 and 14 days after birth, when they are still sleepy and curly from the womb. Newborn babies change incredibly quickly and you will be amazed to see how much they have grown when you come back for your viewing session. Booking is essential and I recommend you contact me early in your second trimester to secure your session. All of my newborn sessions take place in the studio. You will have access to my full range of props and newborn baby clothing. This includes a large range of beautiful vintage style knitwear, bonnets and wraps as well as lovely headbands and halos. Many of my props are sourced internationally, but I also love to buy local and support our talented New Zealand artisans. ​Grandparents are welcome to join us and my images of proud grandparents cuddling their newborn baby are always treasured. ​I have been fully trained in the safe handling of newborn babies as well as the technical aspects of newborn posing. This is something you must insist on when choosing your photographer, as newborn posing should not be undertaken without the right training, safety practices and equipment. 

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NB Dec 1000px-2.jpg
NB Nov 1000px-5.jpg


Newborn Session Video

No one likes walking into an unknown situation - so make life easier and check out a newborn session in action. You will get to  see how we wrap, soothe and photograph newborn baby Arthur, while using props and simple classic backgrounds using my newborn posing bean bag Spot how Lynley stays close to Arthur at all times, ensuring he is safe and comfortable, so you can sit back and relax (more than one Mum has taken a nap!) and enjoy watching us work


Please note   

This was filmed in our previous studio, prior to COVID, hence we are not wearing masks - we hope to be able to update the video and show our new studio at some point in the future 


I have been a Qualified Newborn Photographer with the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) since 2018


The accreditation process includes submitting a newborn portfolio for critique + achieving 100% in an exam on the safe handling of newborns 

I am also an Accredited Professional Photographer with the New Zealand Institute for Professional Photographers  (NZIPP)

NZIPP Accredited Logo 2  black.png

To become accredited I submitted a portfolio for critique by recognised NZ photographic leaders. I also demonstrated that I had met technical, creative and business standards, adhere to the Code of Ethics + undertake regular professional development

in 2022 I achieved my  Associate Accreditation with the International Portrait Masters, joining just a handful of New Zealand photographers to hold this qualification


To reach Associate I built a portfolio of 50 Awarded Images, based on scores from the Portrait Masters judging panel. The judges on the panel are all internationally recognised photographers who specialise in portrait photography across a range of genres




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