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A collection of stunning portraits to celebrate your pregnancy

Packages start from $1,250


I have had so many mothers tell me that they wished they had a nice image of themselves while pregnant. In fact, the reason I started offering this service is because I didn't get any maternity portraits and really regret it. I have some selfies in the hallway mirror, but nothing that really showcases my bump and captures the memory beatifully. Make sure you don't miss out on these un-repeatable portraits. 

Maternity studio portrait sessions typically take place around 30 weeks into your pregnancy. Booking is essential and I recommend you contact me early in your second trimester to secure your session.  


I don't enjoy having my photograph taken, I'm not photogenic and I don't know what to do....


Don't worry - thats my job. I am an expert at photographing women and I will guide you through the poses so you look your best and have fun. I use clever posing and great lighting to showcase your bump and ensure you look amazing. You won't be the first client who was worried about this - check our what Sam and Anna have to say below.

I'm not looking and feeling my best at the moment....

It's normal to feel like this - especially if you are booking early in the second trimester while your body is still adjusting to pregnancy. By 30 weeks, which is when we typically hold a maternity portrait session, most women feel great, look radiant and have a beautifully shaped bump that can be showcased to great effect in our maternity dresses.

Many of my maternity clients choose to be pampered and have their hair and make-up done before the session. I can arrange for my stylist to come to you at home so you can just relax and enjoy it.

Book in a nice lunch for after the session to have a really special day - you deserve it! 

I don't have anything to wear...

You don't need anything - I have a wardrobe full of beautiful gowns to suit a range of figures and showcase your bump to perfection. Depending on your personal taste you can choose to show more (or less) skin. 


We will pull together a wardrobe plan during your pre-session consultation meeting and you can bring additional outfits should you wish.


My partner doesn't want to come...

That's ok, many partners choose not to be involved in a maternity session - but they all love to see the photos afterwards! Some clients choose to bring their older children, some their partner and lots come on their own. Each session is unique and crafted to ensure we get the photos you want


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Classic Maternity

I’ll treasure these photos forever, if you can make me feel comfortable in front of the camera you can make anyone!

I can’t stop looking at the shots and I normally can’t stand photos of myself



Classic Maternity

My husband and I are usually very awkward in front of cameras. Kirsten was fantastic at putting us at ease and the photos are an incredible record of a very special moment in time 



Classic Maternity

I didn't get any professional images during my first pregnancy and I am so pleased to have this beautiful collection 

I had a lot of fun during the session and loved the artistically styled images Kirsten created



I have been a Qualified Newborn Photographer with the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) since 2018


The accreditation process includes submitting a newborn portfolio for critique + achieving 100% in an exam on the safe handling of newborns 

I am also an Accredited Professional Photographer with the New Zealand Institute for Professional Photographers  (NZIPP)

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To become accredited I submitted a portfolio for critique by recognised NZ photographic leaders. I also demonstrated that I had met technical, creative and business standards, adhere to the Code of Ethics + undertake regular professional development

in 2022 I achieved my  Associate Accreditation with the International Portrait Masters, joining just a handful of New Zealand photographers to hold this qualification


To reach Associate I built a portfolio of 50 Awarded Images, based on scores from the Portrait Masters judging panel. The judges on the panel are all internationally recognised photographers who specialise in portrait photography across a range of genres