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Capture memories with stunning portraits of your baby

Collections start from $1,000

The first year of your baby's life will pass in a flash

Baby portrait sessions are suitable for babies aged 4 months to 2 years. Family photographs are an important part of any session and I love having grandparents join us at these sessions. Booking is essential. 


You will have access to my full range of internationally sourced props and baby clothing. This includes a large range of beautiful vintage style knitwear, bonnets and wraps as well as lovely headbands and halos, crafted by local New Zealand artisans. I like to hold my baby portrait sessions in the studio, creating elegant and timeless images that celebrate your growing baby.

I can arrange for a stylist to come to your home before the session to help you with your hair and make-up, and ensure you are feeling your best for the family portraits we will capture during the session. If this would be of interest, please let me know when you book.

Many of my clients come regularly during their baby's first year to document how quickly they grow and change.

What is the best age for baby portraits?

4-7 months

I recommend my smaller petite collection for babies at this age as it is not possible to achieve as large a variety of images until your baby can sit unassisted

I like to include parents in these images and it can be a fun opportunity to try something a little more glam!

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7+ months

This is my favourite age for photographing babies


Once they can sit unassisted, and even start to crawl, I can get a lovely range of images that showcase your baby and their own unique personality

We can also use props at this age!


1st birthday

This is such an important milestone to celebrate!

I like to incorporate balloons, bubbles and letters spelling 'one' to create a fabulous piece of wall art that commemorates a full year of parenting! 

Grandparents are welcome too!

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Launching in September 2021:


These small collections of 3 or 5 images provide a way for parents to pop in for a quick session, and a few photos, several times a year. 

Perfect for Baby's First Year collections, following your newborn session, and for regular updates as your kids grow older.  


Ages: 4months +


Jump on the wait list to access advance booking + Keep up with session plans on the facebook group

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I am a Qualified Newborn Photographer with the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI)


The accreditation process includes submitting a newborn portfolio for critique + achieving 100% in an exam on the safe handling of newborns 

I am also an Accredited Professional Photographer with the New Zealand Institute for Professional Photographers  (NZIPP)

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This accreditation process includes submitting a portfolio for critique by recognised NZ industry leaders, meeting technical, creative and business standards, adhering to the Code of Ethics + regular professional development