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Contemporary Portraiture &  Personal Branding

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Do you have an important event or life transition coming up?  When did you last get a portrait of your parents, your children and have you ever had one taken that was just for yourself alone ? 

Do you need to update your business portraits or create content for your online marketing?​

I am a portrait photographer and I would love to help you create a collection of images you truly love and want to display.

I am here to help you create your perfect collection.


Whether you need headshots, personal branding or content images for your career or business; or if you would like some beautiful images of yourself or someone important to you, I can help. 

When was the last time you had a photograph taken that you loved? For many of us, that's a difficult question to answer. You deserve to have photos that you love and value, images that you are happy to share with your friends and family, and portraits that make you feel special. If this is resonating, my contemporary portrait experience is for you.  


How you present yourself has become an integral part of doing business.

Gone are the days that you could have a basic corporate headshot and not update it from year to year. Today everyone, from future employers to your perfect customer, wants to know who they are dealing with and you want to put your best foot forward.

The gallery that we create during a headshots + personal branding experience

allows you to convey, through a series of images, who you are and what it is like to deal with you. Who are you? Someone who is authentic, trustworthy and approachable. Do you want to convey professional? Is your style more about being relaxed and fun?  Do you want your images to look stylish, sharp and confident? Images of you at work can set your brand apart from the others in your area. Everyone needs a range of formal images, but where we go from there will depend very much on how you want to use your images and the messages you want to convey.

I know that for many of us it can be daunting to get in front of the camera, it's not my favourite thing either! I place a lot of emphasis on understanding what you need and how you want to look in your images before we ever pick up the camera. I am very experienced and use clever posing and great lighting to ensure you look your best. 

I will create images that you love and you might even surprise yourself and have fun during the session.

I look forward to chatting and helping you create your perfect portrait collection.

My name is Kirsten..... 



Planning your personal branding session

Not sure what you need ?

I can help you identify the brand story you want to tell during your pre-session consultation

I will work with you to design the style of the shoot to ensure it aligns to your role and brand. We will talk in depth about the way in which you will use your images and I will help you assess what types of images you need. I can also provide advice on the way they can be used to help you market yourself or your business. All sessions include a range of studio portraits but you have the flexibility to add location based images in your office, business or even a great cafe.

We will plan your wardrobe for the session. I typically suggest you bring 3 - 6 outfits with you, based on the styling consultation, and we will make the final decision on the day of the session. You will be welcome to add anything from my studio wardrobe, but it is important the your clothing choices reflect your personal style and brand. I like to give you both casual and more formal options in your final gallery.

Shoot Day

I will guide you every step of the way to ensure you feel confident and have fun

I will arrange hair and make-up to take place at your home prior to the session (should you wish) which is a lovely way to start the day. Most of my female clients choose to have their hair and make-up done as this add a little polish to the final images. You want your personal branding images to show you; but on a really good day!

When you arrive for the session, I will have prepared the studio based on our plan for the day. We will run over the session plan, wardrobe options and make any final tweaks we need.

During the session you will be supported by my studio assistant and I will guide you to ensure you look your best in the final images. You don't need to be a natural in front of the camera, I have lots of tips and tricks to help us get the best result. 

Choosing your images

Choose your favourites for me to polish in the editing room

After the session, I will invite you to join me on a Zoom call to run through the shortlisted images and select your final collection for editing.


You will receive all of your purchased images as a digital collection in a variety of crops and sizes for both online and print use.


Collections start from $800 (including the session fee) for 6 images.


Your collection will be tailored to meet your needs. All collections include a range of formal and more casual studio portraits and alternative locations can be added; based on your requirements. 


If you need a wider range of images for your business marketing, such as full teams or products - lets chat and I can create a bespoke package to suit your needs.



Robert, Ceo

Personal Branding

I now have a range of images that I feel proud of and can use for speaking engagements, client work and social media


With so much taking place online, especially international work, I needed a profile image that portrayed professionalism and I'm very happy with the collection of images I received

Personal Branding 1000px-1.jpg

Carron - Teacher 


I am not a natural in front of the camera, but I really enjoyed the session and love the images 


I recommend taking Kirsten's hair and make-up package. As well as adding the experience, it meant that my images show me looking my best - natural but polished

Mother and son 1000px-1.jpg


Contemporary Portrait

This is one of my favourite images, I have a large framed fine-art print of it in my living room and every day it brings me joy.



Contemporary Portrait

This image was part of a set commissioned by his family - this is what they had to say


These photos are incredible, you have captured him so perfectly

 Thank you so much for these wonderful photos


bookings and questions

If you would prefer to speak in person, please telephone me on 027 523 3939