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beautiful and natural portraits at home or on location

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First 48

Commemorate the arrival of your new baby with portraits in their first 48 hours earth-side. 

Packages start from $1,250

These relaxed images tell the story of your new baby's arrival and are perfect for including siblings and grandparents 

If you love natural and unposed images then my Simply Authentic collection is for you. I often use black and white imagery, and my focus is on telling a story about a moment in time. Booking is essential. 

'First 48' newborn baby sessions (sometimes referred to as 'fresh 48' newborn baby sessions) typically take place in the maternity hospital before you return home.  They are very relaxed sessions, full of happiness, and often capture some of the first meeting times for siblings, grandparents and other family members. So long as there is room for me to move around, I am happy to photograph anyone you would like to be there. You may like to arrange for baby to have their first bath during the session. 


My main goal is to capture all the little details that change so quickly with newborns and some beautiful family cuddles and interactions.  

There is no need to spend time on hair & make-up and casual clothing is prefect; but it's completely up to you and what feels comfortable. You might like to incorporate some items that have special meaning for you, such as a knitted blanket from a family member, but I will bring along a couple of simple swaddles in case they are needed. 

If you would prefer a more classic, posed session where we create elegant and timeless images in the studio to celebrate your new arrival, my Classic Newborn collection would be perfect for you. 

I loved our First 48 portrait session at Lincoln Maternity Hospital. Kirsten made everyone feel so relaxed and captured some amazing first interactions between brand new Alexander, his older brother and his grandparents.

I was a bit nervous about being photographed so soon after birth, and had even packed some makeup, but in the end I was photographed just as I was and it was lots of fun.

I am so happy with with all of the beautiful images. I look back at them often and get emotional looking at our tiny gorgeous bundle. Thank you so much Kirsten.  


Fran = Fresh 48 (collection shown below)

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