Getting the most from your baby portrait session

what to expect and useful preperation

I have been assessed and credited as

a Qualified Newborn Photographer by  the APNPI

Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International


The rigorous accreditation process includes submitting

a newborn image portfolio for assessment and achieving 100%  in an exam on the safe handling of newborns 


How long will the session take?

Typically a baby session will take under an hour - particularly if your baby is awake during the session. However, on the day of the session, please plan on being at my studio for up to 2 hours.

This means we can have plenty of time for feeds and cuddles without any time pressure.  


The studio

Most sessions will take place in my comfortable residential studio - 94b Simeon Street, Spreydon, Christchurch 8024. However, if you would prefer an outdoor shoot, please let me know and we can find a suitable outdoor location.


The studio is the second home up the driveway. We would appreciate if you could please park on the street, as there is no parking available next to the studio.


If you have any difficulties finding us, please don’t hesitate to call on 027 523 3939.


Wear comfortable light clothing as the temperature of the studio will be quite warm, for the comfort of your baby.


Pack a spare change of clothes just in case there are any little accidents.


Bring a pacifier – only if you are using one, as they can be very helpful during the session.


If you are formula feeding bring some extra bottles, just in case.


Bring a snack for yourself and any older children (drinks will be available at the studio).


For older children bring along a couple of their favourite toys or books to keep them entertained.

Shoot day preperation


Baby studio safety

An assistant will be present throughout the session to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby.


I strongly believe that no image is worth sacrificing the comfort of your baby and I will be led by your baby and will adjust the session according to their needs.


Sibling studio safety

If you are bringing older children to the studio, we suggest making arrangements for someone who can attend with them and take them home or to the local park once we have captured your family portraits. This will enable you and your baby to relax without distractions during the remainder of the session. 


Please be aware that there is a lot of equipment in the studio and therefore, for their safety, we would prefer that older children are closely monitored and kept in the small viewing area when not involved in a photograph.


Engaging children in the session

I recommend talking to your older children about the session in advance. Tell them my name and explain why you would like to have their portrait taken with their baby sister or brother. 

It can be a good idea to bring some of your children’s toys with them. We recommend keeping favourite items or electronics in a bag until their part of the session is finished, as it can be hard for children to focus on having their photograph taken if there is something they would rather be doing or a toy they don’t want to put down.


What to wear?

You should wear clothing you feel comfortable in. Neutral colours and simple fabric patterns typically photograph best.


For families, coordinating colours tend to work better than completely matching outfits. 


As the session progresses, it will get warm in the studio to ensure your baby remains comfortable and relaxed. As such, you may find wearing lighter clothing more comfortable and you may prefer to bring clothing to change into for your family portraits.


It is a good idea to have a spare change of clothing, in case of any little accidents.

Check out my full guide, including inspiration boards, on what to wear for a professional photoshoot here.


Props and clothing for your baby

For studio sessions, I have plenty of props and outfits for you to choose from and like to involve you in the styling of the session.


However, if you have a special item that you would incorporate in the session, I would love for you to bring it along.

For outdoor sessions, bring plenty of layers and some spare clothes in case of any little accidents.  It can be nice to consider the seasons and coordinate your baby's clothing accordingly.  For example, reds and oranges are lovely in the autumn. 


When will your gallery be ready?

I will post a "sneak peek" from your session within a couple of days of your session, so make sure you are following me on facebook and instagram!

An ordering appointment will be held at the studio 3-4 weeks after your session.


At this appointment you will be able to view your collection of approximately 20 images printed and ready for you to take home. You will select your collection and images for artwork during the appointment.


Artwork and albums will be delivered 2-4 weeks later and you will be invited to the studio to collect them.