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More Award Wins !!

If you were watching my social stories last month you would have seen that I mentioned some more award wins, this time from the International RISE Awards.

I entered a smaller number of images into these awards and was delighted to receive 7 bronze awards.

Each year the submissions for the major awards are all due around the same time and (usually at the last possible moment) I enter a few favourite images from the last few months. The images that I enter are from my normal client work and I am incredibly grateful to my clients, both for choosing me to be their photographer and for allowing me to enter their images into awards. This year I also entered a few images of my own boys capturing some our our lockdown fun! I was especially pleased to see these images awarded, as it can be hard to be objective about images of your own babies!

The eagle eyed among you will see that a few of these images were also awarded at the International Portrait Masters image competition. I like to have some cross over between the images I enter in competitions to see if the scores correspond...... and they did. I really like to see this because it goes to show how well the international standards work. Two sets of judges from two separate competitions on opposite sides of the world; and where I had images entered in both the scores were within 1 or 2 points of each other. For me, that really strengthens the value of the awards system and gives me confidence that the work I am producing for my clients is at an internationally recognised award standard.


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