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A series of articles covering a range of topics that are relevant and interesting for parents and families.
Our first article in this series reflects on the importance of family portraits and how having them on the wall can actually benefit your kids.

If you enjoy reading articles from around the world on parenting and related issues you might also like to follow our Two Great Loves feed.

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The RisingTide

Our new series highlighting some of the great businesses and initiatives that have been set up by New Zealand women.
Read abut what motivates these inspirational women, gain tips on running a successful business or project and learn how they balance their careers and families.  

Why? Because a rising tide lifts all boats.

New & Events

This is where you will find all our recent news. For example, new product offerings, award wins, and any required COVID business updates.
We will also share information about upcoming events like the Christchurch Baby Expo and special events such as our annual themed Christmas sessions.

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