Getting the most from your mini-session

what to expect and useful preperation


How long will the session take? 

On the day of the session, please plan on being with me for around 40 mins. 

You should aim to arrive 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled start time. This will allow time to meet and walk to the location (for outdoor sessions) and for your child to select an outfit and hair accessories (for studio sessions).

This will also allow a bit of time for your child to observe and settle in. Children are often a little shy when meeting a photographer or arriving in a new place and we like to allow some time for them to feel comfortable and relax.


What should your family wear?

You should wear clothing you feel comfortable in. Neutral colours and simple fabric patterns typically photograph best.


For families, coordinating colours tend to work better than completely matching outfits. 

You might like to think about the season, for example, if we are shooting in the autumn you may like to select a wardrobe with caramel and red tones to match the falling leaves.  Likewise, in Spring pastel colours suit the new flowers and growth.

If you session is in the studio, you may wish to select something from my studio wardrobe. I currently have beautiful dresses for girls up to c. 5 years old, simple outfits for boys up to the age of c.4 years old,  and rompers for sitting babies up to c. 18 months (boys and girls). I also have a large range of hair accessories.

Check out my full guide, including inspiration boards, on what to wear for a professional photoshoot here.


Engaging children in the session

I recommend talking to your older children about the session in advance. Tell them my name and explain why you would like to have their portrait taken. 

It can be a good idea to bring some of your children’s toys with them. We recommend keeping favourite items or electronics in a bag until their part of the session is finished, as it can be hard for children to focus on having their photograph taken if there is something they would rather be doing or a toy they don’t want to put down.

It doesn't suit everyone - but I'm always partial to a bribe. Most children put their best foot forward when reminded of the small treat they will get at the end of the session. 

You will notice that during the session I will not ask your child to smile. I find a better way to get a natural happy expression is for us to try and make them laugh..... so bring your best silly faces and be prepared to stand over my shoulder trying to get their attention!


When will your image be ready?

An ordering appointment will be held at the studio 2 weeks after your session.

At this appointment you will receive your printed image, mounted and ready to take home and put in an 8x10 frame. 

During this appointment you will be able to order additional copies of your image and any framed artwork you would like. I will have some Christmas specials running on framed art to help you with creating the perfect Christmas gift!